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Play Lucky Haunter

On this page you will find only the new remakes of popular slots, which have been designed specially for our casino since 2011. You can launch slot machine games to play for free without registration for tokens. However, each registered player receives 10,000 credits to his FUN account. This account may be used to play for fun, as well as to develop an optimal play mode suitable for you.

The significant difference of free games without authorization is that it is simpler to get to the bonus games. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the interface of unfamiliar slots in a short time.

By playing slot machines for free without registration, as well as in case of playing for cash, a player can use autoplay mode. Bet per play free line is from 1 to 25 credits.

When playing slots for cash, one credit may be equal to 0.01 xBTC or 0.1 xBTC. The number of levels in gambling games is different for different slot machines. When playing, you shall take into account that the maximum sum for gambling is equal to 50 xBTC in credits, i.e. you can only биткоин рулетка бесплатно double the win not exceeding 50 xBTC.

It should be noted that our demo versions of games have their own unique features. Unlike online slot machines, which require constant communication with the server, you can play demo games without a constant Internet connection, after launching a slot machine online.

Hundreds of players verify the reliability of our games every day. We ensure the non-intervention of slot machine operation, that’s why we describe the technical aspect of the algorithm of operation of each of our slots in detail in Slot machine fair play control section: slot machines fair play control

Slot Machine Rules:
We recommend that players who are not yet familiar with slot machine rules to read the detailed rules. To do this, you can go to descriptions of the games you are interested in:

Crazy Monkey slot machine — a curious resilient and risk-taking monkey is always waiting for you. She will give you all her accumulated winning with no regret, because pulling the ropes is her job. And receiving a blow to the head from a falling brick is the consequence of her curiosity. But this jungle dweller is not as stupid as she may seem. Sometimes she can wear a helmet to protect her head from a meeting with a hard object and thus provides a player with an opportunity to continue the bonus game.